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A Strong Foundation Built on Common Ground

Builders Buying Group was founded by builders for builders. So, we share the same background, care about the same things, and adhere to the same values as our members.

Founded by Dave DeVries in 1999, BBG originated with the goal of providing our constituents in Western Michigan with the collective purchasing power they needed to compete with national builders and remain independent in the markets they call home. In the past 20+ years, we have expanded to over half the continental U.S., where our long-tenured leadership and dedicated team of territory managers continue to provide outstanding programs and savings to independent single-family home builders.

A Strong Foundation Built on Common Ground

Meet The Team

David DeVriesCEO
Kevin ObertDirector of Programs
Chris LindnerDirector of Development
Sara EvansController
Nikki HeinigRevenue Manager
Debbie DetarSupport Services Coordinator
Kyle StokleyDivisional Director - Interior Finishes
Steve SwaenepoelTerritory Manager
Nate SallachTerritory Manager
Scott BellTerritory Manager
Jennifer SalazarTerritory Manager
Kristie BuonavitaTerritory Manager
Amy BruceTerritory Manager
Tom MaddenTerritory Maanager
Collin CloughertyTerritory Manager
Kimberly BednarTerritory Manager

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Before we negotiate discounts and incentives on nearly everything that goes into building home, we carefully evaluate every single material, manufacturer and distributor. Only those that meet the highest standards become part of our program.